Review by Yvonne Kirk 13 Nov 2017

- Spin Doctor Ash Mini Dress -

I purchased this dress after seeing a selfie from Linda. I have the 2xl, which is my usual hell bunny size.The print features crows and The dress came, and I could not have been more thrilled. The dress is two layers, a black under shift and the sheer crow print outer shell. Both layers are made from 100% Polyester, so I wouldn't dare pin a brooch to it for fear of making a big hole (I have a Manga pin but can't find it). This also means the dress has no stretch. I usually stay away from 100% polyester, but this is floaty enough that I feel it will not make you sweat in the summer month.

The dress is a mini for me, coming to my lower thigh. Long enough for a night shift, but too short for typical office wear.

The dress has a cute frilly edge at the bottom seam made from the same fabric as the dress, which creates movement in the material when you move. A very nice touch. 
The zip on this is at the mid back, but I pulled it over my head with no issues at all. The sleeves are puffed/bloussoned with an elastic cuff. So far, 4 hours into my shift, they have not turned to barbed wire, remaining soft and comfortable. There are darts under the bust giving the soft dress some shape, but it doesn't cling at all. Initially, I tried the dress with a belt, but my partner thinks it looks fine without one. 
All in all, I am rather chuffed with my purchase and I see some more mini in my future

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