Payment Options


All Prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST. 

The Kitty Deluxe webstore is set up for Australian and New Zealand customers however if you would like to make a purchase and you are in another country, please send us a message.

Payment methods that we accept are:

Bank Deposit, Paypal, Credit Card, Afterpay and Layby 

Select your preferred payment option as you pass through the checkout process. 
We will contact you if you choose Bank Deposit or Layby, see terms below.


Bank Deposit

We happily accept a bank deposit BUT your payment must pay it straight after your place your order so it will clear into our account within 1 business day. If it is not received and you have not contacted us at your order will be cancelled and the goods returned to sale.

If you make an online bank transfer most payments clear within 1 business day. We will ship your items once your payment has cleared into our account. If you are in a hurry to get your items this is not a good way to pay.

You can also make a payment over the counter at any NAB branch. This payment method is instant and will not delay your shipment. Text or email us on 0418214988 or to notify us your payment has been made if you are in a hurry to get your items.

We will email you with our bank account details when you choose this method of payment to ensure you have them.

Please leave your name or order number as a reference or we won't know who the payment is from.

If you do not get an email acknowledgement of your order it has not gone through, please contact us if you are unsure.


This payment method applies when you have the full value of the order already available in your PayPal account or a linked credit card.

This Paypal payments are instant and we ship your items very quickly when your payment is received using this method.  Paying via Paypal means that you are afforded all the security offered by the Paypal system including buyer protection and dispute resolution processes.

If you do not get an email acknowledgement of your order it has not gone through, please contact us if you are unsure.

Paying with Credit Card

All credit card payments are processed through our secure Shopify checkout. Credit card payments are instant and we ship your items very quickly when your payment is received using a credit card. If you do not get an email acknowledgement of your order it has not gone through, please contact us if you are unsure.


Select Afterpay at checkout

Afterpay is fully integrated with the store’s checkout.
All you need to do is choose Afterpay as your payment option when you’re ready to buy.

Choose how you want to pay your instalments

Afterpay splits your payments over four equal instalments due every fortnight. Nominate the debit card or credit card you want to use and they’ll schedule automatic payments for you.

Get approved instantly and securely

No long forms or detailed personal information. Afterpay simply uses your nominated credit or debit card to process your application on the spot.

Enjoy your purchase!

Afterpay takes care of the rest. They will remind you when payments are due and will process your payments automatically. Next time you use Afterpay, they’ll have all your details saved and ready to go!

Need more info? Head to


Layby - Terms and Conditions

  • Payments: The layby deposit shall be processed via PayPal then all further layby instalments shall be made via Bank Deposit or PayPal
    We allow 1 working day for bank deposit payments to clear. 
    When paying by bank deposit please use your order number as reference for all deposits so we know who the payment is from. 

  • Deposit and Admin Fee: A deposit to the value of 20% of the total order value is required to reserve your items. You will also be charged a flat $5 layby admin fee at the commencement of the layby.   The deposit is required within 24 hours of placing a layby order to reserve the selected goods.   If not received the goods will be returned to sale and you may be denied further layby arrangements.

  • Minimum: The minimum layby amount is $50 excluding postage.

  • Layby Term: The layby must be finalised within 8 weeks of the order date unless prior arrangements have been made with Kitty Deluxe. Regular fortnightly payments MUST be made to to keep your layby active. This can be any amount you can afford but the minimum is $5.00

  • Failure to keep up payment: If regular payments are not maintained or the agreed term exceeded then then reserved goods will be returned to sale, 10% of the order value will be forfeited and the remaining payments refunded to your bank account. You will get one warning prior to this happening with 1 week to reply.

  • Late Fees: 
    a) There is a 1 day grace period after the nominated due date for your layby instalment payment. 
    b) If payment has still not been received after the grace period there is a $2.00 penalty fee for EACH day the payment is late.
    c) The layby will be cancelled after 1 week of the nominated instalment payment being overdue at which time the 10% default fee applies on top of the late fees and what is remaining is returned to you.

  • Cancellation: A layby can be cancelled by the customer within the first week however 50% of the initial deposit will be forfeited (10% of the order value) and the remaining payments refunded to your bank account.

  • Other: 
    • No goods will be shipped until the entire layby has been paid in full.
    • Layby orders cannot be broken or transferred without incurring the cancellation fee of 10% of the order value.
    • Layby items cannot be exchanged or refunded after the layby has been finalised and shipped. Remember we would have been holding a particular style and size for you for weeks which prevents others from having access to these goods.
    • If you wish to negotiate alternate layby terms this must be done prior to placing your order for layby. If you place an order with layby as the payment option you have agreed to the standard terms and conditions listed here.
    • Failure to complete a layby agreement within these terms (or those negotiated otherwise) will result in exclusion from future layby agreements.
    • A prior history of late payments or excessive administration may result in exclusion from future layby agreements.