Review by Carly Wood 5 June 2020

Pamela Mann Hosiery Curvy Super-Stretch 50 Denier Tights in Forest Green

I just wanted to say… two years later and I am still absolutely obsessed with these tights!  I just bought the forest green and am going to add a couple of extra colours soon as well.

This is now the third winter been wearing my black and navy (I have two pair of each) and they really are the most comfortable tights I’ve ever owned.

Even more amazing?  Last winter I wore them right up to the day before my son was born!  They truly stretch that much :O   They’re kinda hiding under my stretchy dress but they were covering the bump 😍 And then I’m back wearing them again this year like nothing has happened.

 After wearing my forest greens for the first time yesterday I recommended them to my facebook groups as well and a few people have said they’ve ordered, I love sharing the love ;) :D

Thank you again for getting me onto these :D :D :D

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