Review by Megan Hodsdon 15 June 2020


Hell Bunny Frostine Mid Dress

Hell Bunny Irvine 50's Dress

I love the cut of the dresses. The high neck line is good for work, where I don’t want to worry about anything showing. The sleeves are great for sun protection. The back has a really cute V cut, although as I’m mostly wearing them with cardigans no one ever sees it. The Irvine is longer than the Frostline but I think both lengths work well.

The fabric is reasonably heavy. Where I live it’s a good autumn/spring dress, but still needs additional layers in winter. In a milder climate (like Sydney) this would be a great winter dress. 

The Frostline colour is much prettier in real life. There is a silver thread and a burgundy thread that don’t really show up in photos.

Best bit: I haven’t needed to iron either dress. I just hang them straight while drying and they are fine.

*The smudges are on my mirrors, not on the dresses. 😆

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