Review by Stephanie Cuthbert 13 Dec 2017

- Hell Bunny Angette Top in Silver - 

Today I wore the Hell Bunny Angette top in silver. I'm wearing a 3xl. This top is very stretchy, but I have a large bust, so could have gone up a size without it being too loose. The top sits a few centimetres below my belly button, but again, I feel that is due to my bust, and if I was wearing a 4xl it would have been longer.

The Angette is the perfect top to complement busy novelty skirts or glamourise plain trousers or skirts. The fabric is light-medium. I wore it in 35 degrees and found it comfortable, making it the perfect top to complete a Christmas outfit in the hot Australian summer. 

The Angette features a cute tie front, but what I didn't realise until I wore it, is that one tie is on the inside of the top, and one on the outside. When you tie them together, it pulls the front of the top into a cute ruched V. 

My favourite thing about the Hell Bunny Angette is how sparkly it is. So perfect for the festive season.

*You can see my bra through the top because it has black polka dots, but if you wore a plain white or nude bra, you wouldn't have this problem.

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