Review by Yvonne Kirk 21 Nov 2017

- Collectif Mimi Dress in Blackwatch Tartan -

Black Watch Mimi Doll and Pencil dress comparison.

Reviewing both at the same time as there was some interest in the blackwatch. I got these a few preorders ago. Both as size 16.

The dresses are so pretty. Both sit at my knee (I am 173cm tall)

The dresses fit just like the Dolores in this fabric where as some Mimis are tighter in the chest. I even sized down to the 16 in the pencil which I rarely do. The fabric has a small amount of stretch so nothing is squashed. The pencil is not hugging tight like the Winona dress, you have room to move and it doesn't gather anywhere. 

The arms are not at all tight, BUT the fabric does slightly pill after a few wears. Not a lot so as to ruin the dress but ever so slightly. The hook at the back in the pencil is way bay off the zipper which makes is sit better than the doll dress that is raised as the hook is closer and there is excess fabric. AGAIN not really noticeable. I DO notice that my bra shows at the edges on this style of neckline. Nothing a black bra wouldn't fix. 

If you love tartan, I highly recommend this style and dress.

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