Review by Yvonne Kirk 18 Jan 2018

-Sourpuss Tentacle Pencil Skirt-

Sourpuss Stretch Pencil Skirt in Black with Tentacle Print - 2X

Recently I broke my no skirt rule, lured by the Kraken and find myself in possession of the Sourpuss Tentacle skirt. I sized as per the waist measurement chart and this meant up to 2xl. I tend to wear an HB XL nowadays or size 16 in UK brands.

Trying this on, it fit my waist perfectly, not at all tights and so no muffin top.(around 34in? 35?)SO I would say this is a small size when compared to Hell Bunny. 

The band is wider than 1cm and comfortable, sitting flat and no biting at all. This is assisted by the fact that the fabric is a heavier cotton blend and stretchy! The skirt features a hook at the back and a zip that doesn’t catch and slides nicely. The button is not fiddly to do up.

This skirt moulds itself to your curves without pulling anything. It is midi length, falling to my knees. (I am 173cm tall).

The print is printed on top of the fabric, not embroidered or part of the fabric. I do not know how this will hold up long term, but it’s a fun print and this skirt will feature in the future at work. (just need a decent top!)

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