Review by Yvonne Kirk 18 Apr 2019


Pamela Mann Hosiery Curvy Super-Stretch Anti Chafing Shorts 90 Denier Tights in Black

Pamela Mann Hosiery Curvy Super-Stretch 50 Denier Tights in Charcoal

Pamela Mann comfort shorts size XL and Pamela Mann charcoal tights XL.

I never know really what size to buy, I am on the edge of XL and 2XL, a size 18, 174cm tall and have large thighs and a padded rear  

I bought a heap of XL's with Kitty Deluxe's advice and I'm so glad I did. The comfort shorts are amazing, normal stocking fabric, no more bulky bike shorts! They have a gusseted crotch and a very comfy hem for the legs. No tight elastic to bite you through the day. These will be a staple for under my skirts.

The tights are a lovely grey, (my uniform is grey) and again the tights are super comfy without the tightness. They sit at my navel but you can stretch them to under your bust if you wish to. The toes are seamed and these are also gusseted. The quality is outstanding and well worth the investment as they will last much longer than cheaper super market brands.

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