The fishnets I'm wearing over purple tights and I am LOVING this look! Not only that, the fishnets are super soft and wearing 2 sets of stockings isn't making me feel like an over stuffed sausage 😅 Nor do they have the dreaded roll down when I sit down. HUGE win! Both are in size 16-18 but honestly there is plenty of room in there.

The collectif skirt is in an 18, once again I probably should have sized down, in face I'm pretty sure Kitty Deluxe advised me to but I didn't listen 😅 Not only is the fabric crazy stretchy but the waist band is too! It also has a hook and eye so if I got a smaller size the zipper wouldn't ping open 😆 The straps are a little weird length wise but I popped both on their longest setting and crossed them and they have stayed put.

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