Review by Rachael Hoey 26 August 2022

Collectif Pre-order items


Sorry about sad face i didnt relize i did hubby took photo and probly got me at time he said something and i said or mayby it cold day try hubby hurry up before freeze anyway i finelly got and i wos surpise when i finelly got them that they were there after all this time still in size i wanted for bit room and comfort i got them all in 3xl(size 20)most of collectif i can size down to 2xl(size 18)so got collectif outlaw glitter biker jacket i love but hubby doesnt he say to short and said give to your niece but told him most woman jacket styled that way then i got lorna cocktail menu bolero which again i love but which hubby doesnt again but said made like that just engough cover over shoulder when your wear halter neck dress and love collectif lorna cocktail menu pencil dress to with it,perfect fit if had size up again probly be too big as around hips it tight when get on but that about i found it will wear in time and wont be so hard getting it on very happy with what i got love love and all look good on

( Ed:   Kitty Deluxe regularly run pre-orders in most brands that we stock.   If there is something in particular you are looking for feel free to drop us an email or even better join our VIP Facebook group " The Kitty Boudoir" where we run all our custom orders. )

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