Review by Ellie-Mae Smith 16 December 2019

Hell Bunny

I absolutely need to give a shout out to this holly skirt by hell bunny. It is so extremely versatile and has such a great gather and fullness to it - no petticoats required for out hot weather !

I’ve put on a stack of weight so am wearing a size 4x holly skirt , 4x holly blouse and 3x red Alex top all Hell Bunny , all bought From Kitty Deluxe ! Great fits, in toe with measurements .

I found the blouse to be a wee bit snug on my arms but nothing that defected it’s wear and I think it was mostly noticeable to me not an eye saw.

All these items are perfect Christmas staples and I’m getting a lot of mix n match time from them all this Christmas , thanks Kitty Deluxe!

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