Review by Rachael Hoey 29 June 2021


Hell Bunny Effie Blouse

Retrolicious Skater Skirt in Let's Phase it

Banned Treat Me Dress

MAK Sweaters Chunky Vintage Knit Cardigan with 3/4 Sleeves

My Effie blouse in my usual 4xl for room I love it been baggy still nice on I’ve tried it both 3xl and 2xl and didn’t like it it felt tight felt like button pop open so for blouse

I go to 4xl,skirt from retrolicious if got streach at back I can size down 1x this fit perfect not lose and tight,

The banned brand I can’t never know what size I am sometimes it too big then other times it too small, the treat me dress fitting perfect might be little zipping it up without help as I am very broad around back near shoulders.

Mak cardigan my usual 2xl and last of all are the chunky mak cardigan they are in my usual 2xl in mak cardigan fit perfect it bit lose but for a bit of snug fit I could size down

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