Review by Kim Moyse 21 June 2021


Hell Bunny Benny Mini Dress

Hell Bunny Bat Top

Hell Bunny Jenna Skirt (Sold out)

Timeless/ Coven Bat Collared Blouse

Hell Bunny Benny dress in an XL. Ya girl is back in her XL clothes 🎉 fits comfortably like a glove. Slightly shorter than I was expecting but not horribly so. The fabric has 0 stretch but the straps are adjustable which I'm wearing on the middle button. Loving the hardware on the front, can't wait to add some bits to it.

Hell bunny Jenna skirt in an 2XL. Fits like every other 2XL in this shape does. The fabric isn't as soft as their normal skirts but it does have glitter which makes up for it.

Hell bunny Bat top in an XL. This knit top is amazing, can't believe it's my first one from hell bunny. Absolutely LOVE the cut out, the mesh is lighter than I thought but I'm not hating 💁‍♀️ soft and stretchy, feel like I can wear it with everything.

Timeless Bat collar top in an 2xl/18. This top it soft and stretchy with workable buttons that done gape 😲😱 the collar is such a cute detail. The arms have a button closure which I've left open because I hate tight arms 😆 great length for tucking in my skirts, finishes just on my belly button.

Thanks to Kitty Deluxe for storing my order while it collected into a big pile 🥰

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