Review by Kim Moyse 4 December 2020

Lady Vintage Tea Dress in Little Miss Foxy
Lady Vintage Hepburn Dress in Baubled
Hell Bunny Wendi Cardigan in Candy Pink

Lady Vintage Christmas dress review! I received the Hepburn style in Baubled and Tea dress style in Little Miss Foxy both in size 18. Along with matching masks and Hell Bunny Wendi cardi in pink in a 2xl.

Honestly I can't rave about them more, both fix exactly how I like, with enough stretch that I don't have to unzip and plenty of stretch incase I have an IBS flare up 😅 miss foxy has pockets which are much smaller than the hell bunny ones I've gotten used to but still are very functional as pockets.

Both dresses have ties to the back, the baubled has a removable one with belt loops, which are an okay length, personally I'd like them longer. The fabrics are light enough in weight that I can easily wear them if it heats up for the rest of the month. I love them and hope next year they bring out more as cute.

The Wendi cardi is too big for me but I don't really mind, super soft and stretch it will function well 😊

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