Review by Kim Moyse 2 October 2020

Collectif Dolores Dress in Hocus Pocus
Hell Bunny Vixey Dress in Green
Hell Bunny Ribcage Skirt 
Hell Bunny Beth Skirt

Collectif Dolores Dr Hocus Pocus size 18. Loving the purple tartan so much, the fabric had no stretch at all and is definitely a winter weight. Would be perfect if it was 3-5 inches shorter as it is much longer than I like.

Hell Bunny Vixey Dress in a 2XL. Had to undo the buttons on the arms for comfort, I do have largish bingo wings and am a bit of a sook with tight things. The 2xl fits the same as all their light weight fabrics, easy to do up with plenty of room. The buttons in the front need to be undone to fit (worked that out the hard way) the velvet ribbon can be taken off and is only held on by a loop. I love it, but will have to be careful as it will crease SO easily and I haaaate ironing.

Hell Bunny ribcage mini in 2xl. Fit exactly like all 2XLs do and has pockets 😍 love the little scalloped edges to the waist the button down. Light weight and the same fabric as the vixey, honestly it be a summer staple for me.

Hell Bunny Beth (Christmas) skirt in 2XL. Oh man do I love me some Christmas! The belt had surprisingly plenty of room and I won't have to discard it 😅 Pockets and all of the good stuff, can't wait till after halloween so I can wear it out.

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