Review by Kim Moyse 3 October 2023


Lady Vintage Tea dress in Silly Skeletons
Kreepsville 666 Death Moth Elastic Belt

Lady V tea dress in Silly Skeletons in a 20 and Kreepsville death moth belt in a 2xl-3xl review.
The dress fits me exactly how the low stretch (not 0) 20 fits for Lady V, no surprises there. Shallowish pockets but enough for my flip phone or car keys. Back has a long tie and skirt is full and triwly but without the fear of panty flashing. This cut keeps me buying Lady V.
Death moth belt fits similarly to my other kreepsville belts in this size. This time round it had a different clasp, but I don't feel like it's any less secure. Came wrapped in plastic to stop scratching which I think was a nice touch.

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