Review by Kim Moyse 17 September 2019

Hell Bunny Interstellar Dress

Killstar Darklands Doll Dress in Tartan

Hell Bunny Frostline Pinafore

Hell Bunny Smoky Blouse

I saved up a few pre orders and a website order to get discounted postage :).

First I got the super cute Hell Bunny Smoky (the dog) blouse in and XL. Fits me like the rest of the rest if the hell bunny shirts, though this one has no stretchy sleeves or button cuff, it is comfortable on my bingo wings. How cute is that collar!

2nd I got the hell bunny Frostine pinafore in an XL which is pretty tight but not unbearable. I love this style so much. You can't tell from the photos but there is a thread of metallic silver woven in that shimmers in the sun. It's all kinds of pretty and the red is a nice hint too. SOOOO much nicer in person.

3rd is the Killstar darklands doll dress in tartan in also an XL. The fabric is crazy stretchy, so glad I didn't order an 2XL. The zip is a invisible one at the back which I usually detest but it's easy enough to do up my self which is saying something. The fabric is a heavier weight stretch that I don't think would be fantastic on a hot day but great for winter/trans seasonal weather. I love the little moon detail which is enforced behind with rivets, that baby is going nowhere. The collar is a soft fake leather, which I hope with age well 🤷‍♀️ but I definetly wouldn't want to store it folded on it's self. But still a super cute short dress.

4th? Last? I ordered a Hell Bunny interstellar dress in an XL and it's roomy as! If I was in a store I would have tried on the Large to compare because I just think the fabric type that is the crazy stretchy kind. The velvet is lighter than I expected but it's still good quality. The ribbon detail isn't the greatest lol but I'll leave it for now. The dress has a great swish to it, I'll wear in with a short petti In the future. The back zip is robust (I'm looking at you killstar/sourpuss) and easy to do up by my self.

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