Review by Sharon Smith 4 April 2022


Mak Chunky Knit Cardigans

My delivery of Ye-Mak cardis arrived! I’ve recently become a big fan for their colours & retro style texture. But here is some info for you …..

Firstly, I’m a sz S/ in Kitten D’Amour, Hell Bunny & Collectif cardis. I wear sz8 in Review cardis. I like a firm fit with the length hitting my belt waist length.

Ye-Mak are affordable & 3/4 ballet length sleeves, soft cotton and cute textured knit with matching buttons. But!! A few important things to know:

  1. The darker colours are black labelled and are made in Cambodia. They fit tighter and I prefer them. The paler colours are white label and made in China & about a 1/2 size or slightly more in size so great for people who like a relaxed fit or have wider waistline.   (see Ed note below)

  2. While it isn’t the care label instructions- I have washed the paler, bigger fitting cardis in 30 deg water & line drying till almost dry then popping in a lingerie bag to dry in order to shrink. The smallest size is S so I can’t size down but I would recommend usual fit for dark & down size for lighter colours.

  3. Final point- the MAK stock photos are not a good representation of the actual colours. If this is super important to you, ask Kitty Deluxe for a photo in natural light otherwise wait & see what arrives, for example the green is not the bright Kelly Green I expected. Overall they are a fun addition to a colourful wardrobe for a great price, they are cotton, they don’t pill like Review cardis and they suit retro styling xx
( Ed Comment:  Not ALL black labelled Mak chunky cardigans are made in Cambodia,  some are made in China.  It depends on the size and colour where the cardigan is made and is not always the same from batch to batch.   If this is important to you please ask prior to purchase)

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