Review by Rachael Hoey 8 August 2023


Lady Vintage Lyra Moon and Star Dress (Pre-order)

Lady Vintage Skirt in Aphrodite Print (Pre-order)

I’ve been putting this off and not shore weather to picture or video so at night with bad light I decided to get it over with I am reviewing lady vintage Lyra moon and star dress and Aphrodite skirt,i normal size 20 in most lady vintage clothes but can get away at fitting into a size 18 just I use to but now I can get into with some room and size 20 sometimes be to big now,the skirt I couldn’t remember what size I got when for last time I think second time I brought lady vintage skirt but chanced it when size 16/18 now it some what tight but with wear it can stretch become the perfect size as has elastic in it now if have that I would have to size so happy with size I pick,the dress I when down a size because bust part so instead going for size 20 I decided on size 18 and perfect fit but I could again gone down a other size if want to which never gone down for long time to 16 for more hug tight fit as for this type of fabric is stretchy type but only that the fabric has weight feel which weight the dress down makes the size feel big but not heavy as dress I got from lady vintage site dress at Xmas it wos size 18 heavy big stretchy it felt like bigger size then it wos that how this dress kind feels like it bigger then a size 18 on plus great bust does show a lot.

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