Review by Rachael Hoey 23 November 2022


Lady Vintage Estella Dress in Maya Print (Pre-order) 

lady vintage pre order,lately i dont know if style in lady vintage that change my sizing lately,i thought down pat on what sizing i need for lady vintage but notice latly it changed,weather my weight seesaw between size 18 or size 20 or lady vintage sizing change but got the estella dress in maya print i not shore i had style before but i took the chance of size down to size 18 at first it hard get on and off little easyer second but has paid off down sizing it perfect fit and not too lose or tight and hugs i judge it by the photo way front wos in the way cross over that i thought it might too big in chest area so how i made choose on sizing really happy with it


( Ed:   Kitty Deluxe regularly run pre-orders in most brands that we stock.   If there is something in particular you are looking for feel free to drop us an email or even better join our VIP Facebook group " The Kitty Boudoir" where we run all our custom orders. )

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