Review By Maddie Duffy 24 Jan 2018

- Kitty Deluxe Sheer Chiffon Scarf in Black -

Trying to increase my head scarf game! Today I wore the Kitty Deluxe head scarf in black. I'm slowly trying to learn how to do more pinup style hair to add to the whole style of my outfits and I think this scarf has helped improve that!

For the tiny price of $2 I actually bought in 4 colours black, red, candy pink and aqua so I had a variety to mix and match with outfits. They are silky and comfortable to wear and with a few pins was fine all day in my hair without any readjustment needed! Even got compliments by my butcher! 

There are so many more colours available that it will be easy to match more as my wardrobe collection grows!

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