Review by Mir Walker 29 May 2019


Killstar Milky Way Skater 

Pamela Mann Hosiery Fishnet Tights in Black

Pamela Mann Hosiery Curvy Super-Stretch Anti Chafing Shorts 90 Denier Tights in Black

Today I am posting a review of the Killstar Milky Way Skater dress in 3X and the Pamela Mann fishnet tights and anti chafing shorts, I sized down in this dress because I find that the stretchy items from killstar tend to have a lot of give in them plus the 4x was not available it is delightfully comfortable and makes me feel like a goddess it sits just above my knee and I am 175 cms tall it’s made of a lightweight fabric and I definitely think it will be a massive hit during summer the fishnets are super comfortable and I honestly forget I am wearing them until I look down and the anti chafing shorts are once again comfortable and very secure I often just wear them under my dresses for the extra layer of protection especially with the windy weather lately where I live

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