Review by Yvonne O'Shea 31 July 2020

Killstar Envelope Me Cocoon Cardigan

Killstar Leya Top

Firstly envelope me Cocoon cardigan. I got 3xl to have loose and snuggly. The arms are actually long enough for my arms and its falls to a fab length below my bottom keeping my back warm. It's a soft double knit fabric. I won't use the hood but it's there if your head gets cold. Seems great for being under a vent 🙂 i over exposed the photo to show detail.

The next item is the Leya top. Again I bought 3xl. This time I found the shirt was fitted. If you want sexy this is the shirt. It's soft fabric but snug. It has long sleeved which is awesome. I do like the hemline just wish it was oversized like most of their clothes.

Late Edit: I've been wearing the shirt under my uniform... and its softened to a wonderful relaxed fit.. it's still super soft after many washes. I actually ordered a second one

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