Review by Kim Lewis 23 July 2019

Hell Bunny Wonder Years Pinafore in Black

Hell Bunny Trixie Blouse

Pamela Mann Hosiery Curvy Super-Stretch 50 Denier Tights in Forest Green

Order up! My new black Wonder Years pinny, Trixie blouse and green Pamela Mann tights arrived! 

I ordered the XL pinny down from the 2XL I had it in green as it was starting to get a bit roomy on me. Well it's snug 😅 With 0 stretch this one will have to wait a little longer to get in my rotation (I've lost 26kg this year).

The XL Trixie top is a dream 😍 I love, love LOVE the sleeves! The shiring on it means they are possibly the most comfortable sleeve yet on my bingo wings. The neck tie is held at the back with one button so it's easy to take off or undo and move so you don't hang it in your food (or is that just me 🙊) The Trick or Treat detail is super cute but can't really be seen unless your either holding it or someone is looking down your pocket.

Now the tights! Oh man the fit well! Not tight across the top if my legs or hips. No fear of them coming down. They are a tad thinner than my usual winter tights but I plan on wearing them under fishnets anyhow. Great for day that start off cool and get warmer. 2 big thumbs up for the XL 

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