Review by by Jasmine George 1 May 2020


Hell Bunny Violetta 50's Dress

Hell Bunny Daydream Mid Dress

Kreepsville 666 Pink Skull Belt

Okay. A slight long post with a few pics but I LOVE these. And I always think seeing lots of pics in a review at least is a good thing. 

I got 2xl in both dresses, they are both roomy but the Violetta has a lot more give.

If you take a plus size in the Violetta, it has a thicker single strap not the double straps In which I was attracted to but its obviously done that way due to support, also, I could wear a purple bra and boom, I made my own double straps!

I was more attracted to the Violetta over the Daydream cloud dress but after trying them on, the cloud dress is totally my favourite. We all know it looks like Toy Story and so I added the pink Kreepsville666 skull belt to keep it up a tad - so now it's the Andy meets Sid dress lol. The belt is the perfect colour match to the pink straps which I do know some people didn't like about this dress but I think it's a great contrast and the first time blue and pink have worked together since the 80s colour blocking! You know those old wind parkers lol. I was putting this off however, because it IS a Medi not a 50s length and I really only prefer the 50s length alas, I am short and the midi looks like a 50s on me. 50s are almost* ankle length on me, but I like the length probably the only good thing but I can't do maxi length they're way too long. This is my absolute favourite cut in hell bunny atm, I love it more than the original shirred halter and that is saying alot. To the point I'd replace all my halters with this cut if they 're released those original designs.

Though these are not my normal aesthetic, they're currently my fav dresses. If you're on the fence, totally get the clouds out of the two!

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