Review By Ellie-Mae Smith 8 Feb 2019


Hell Bunny Violetta 50's Dress

Wearing the new season Hell Bunny Violetta 50's dress for my birthday today. 
It’s a size 3XL and would say it’s true to size. The straps are also adjustable so you can make it fit what’s right for you. 

It sits in the perfect spot on the waist and feels nice and full without a petticoat - which lets face it, anyone in Sydney / hot weather does NOT want to wear a petticoat at the moment . 

The colours are beautiful, fresh and bright. The floral is actually my new favourite floral dress and I have a lot of florals. I think it’s an easy must have for the colour combination alone.
Extra perks- makes my boobs look good AND IT HAS POCKETS !! Thanks ladies at Kitty Deluxe xx

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