Hell Bunny Tahiti Dress vs Kalei Dress by Yvonne Kirk

Linda Dametto

Review by Yvonne Kirk 31 Oct 2017

- Hell Bunny Tahiti Dress vs Kalei Dress -

After trying both dresses i am able to compare two different cuts of this beautiful print.

Both dresses are 2xl. My bust is 40 inch but my girls are a cup C so i am not blessed in the chest area. But i am tall at 174cm. (5ft 8?) So here we go.

I took the Tahiti (Left) to Thailand with only a quick try on. So what i discovered was being an in between size.. this style has room for a large bust. It gaped at the back and to keep the straps from falling down i crossed them over, making the zipper gape. If you are blessed in the chest, your girls will fit comfortably.  The dress is comfy otherwise. I loved the print so much that i bought the other style as I thought it would fit me better.

The second dress is the Kalei (right). It is the same cool cottony fabric with a slight stretch as the Tahiti but fits across my back as it has shoulders to make it sit. This style is true to size and i am thrilled to find a style that suits my shape. 

The Kalei has a back zipper as with the Tahiti and both dresses have well sewn seams.

Both dresses are to just below my knee.

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