Review by Sarah MacNamara   4 May 2018

* Hell Bunny Strawberry Sundae Mid Dress *

So, this is my first review! I got an order from Linda on Monday full of breast feeding friendly items, and today is my first day out of the house with bub in tow!

I’m wearing the Hell Bunny Strawberry Sunday dress in an XL, which is generally my HB size, aside from some rare Ls. If I didn’t want this dress for breastfeeding, I think I could have almost sized down as I like a firm fit but I wouldn’t go so far as to recommend sizing down as a matter of course. 

The shoulders are lovely and stretchy and it’s super easy to slip off for boob access. The button tricked me as I thought it would be similar to the Melissa tops but it’s a faux button! The bust is less structured than the Melissa top though, so I don’t find that it matters at all and I don’t feel that there’s too much strain on the elastic when I slip the shoulder off. 

The material is light and has a nice amount of stretch. Even though I had my ergobaby carrier on over the top, I still got compliments on my dress so nice work HB!

As always, Linda’s customer service was unparalleled, thank you so much for your amazing help! 

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