Hell Bunny Strawberry Shortcake Dress By Ellie-Mae Smith

Em Kitty Katz

Review by Ellie-Mae Smith 16 Apr 2018

Out today to see a friend 
So what to do other than wear my beautiful new Hell Bunny Strawberry Shortcake Dress. It’s a very comfortable fit at a 2xl. I’m a variety of a 2x/ 3x In Hell Bunny at the moment. It’s a bit loose at the boobs - but easily fixed on the back with a tiny bow leading to straps that can be changed to suit you with buttons on the back on the inside to hide . It’s just such a cute dress that sits just above mid knee, me being at 5’7ish. 

I teamed this dress with a MAK Sweaters Cropped Cardigan with 3/4 Sleeve in Opal Mint, also available from Kitty Deluxe. 
In hindsight I wish I sized to a 1x and will in future as they are a bit generous for size, but I find but I’m still rocking it and it's so versatile coming up to the cooler months! 

Thank you Linda and Em!

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