Review by Becbec Hunt 11 Apr 2018

My Hell Bunny Strawberry Shortcake dress is finally here!!! I didn’t expect it to fit as well as it does but I was really happily surprised. I’m wearing my usually unshirred 4x because the shirring wasn’t on the waist and it’s a generous fit. If I liked a firmer fit I could’ve sized down but I like eating too much!

The fabric is really lightweight so perfect for summer days and the pockets are huge!!! The skirt is so full, I’m not wearing a petticoat yet the way it’s cut is perfect for a billowing skirt. I’m wearing it with a Mak Sweaters Cropped Cardigan with Short Sleeves in White because I don’t like my arms or bra showing. If you look closely I’m also wearing my Kitty Deluxe Cardigan Clips in Strawberry Cupcake Design. They’re awesome for when I don’t want to button my cardigan but don’t want it to move too much!

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