Review by Caitlin Bradley 26 September 2021


Hell Bunny Otho Pinafore Skirt

If you're thinking about this skirt from Hellbunny, get on it! It's fancy for shopping for essentials, going on a date or even work! Here I am selling some cordial for the you 😜

Style: Hell bunny Otho Pinafore Skirt
Size I'm wearing: Size Small
My stats:
Bust: 101cm
Waist:80cm ish
Hips: 95cm

The fabric is soooo stretchy and comfortable. I have a short waist, and I have the straps on the tightest option. I actually probably could have gone down a size because it is so stretchy but it's very comfortable. I found I did have to tug the skirt down a few times throughout the day. I've worn it with a shirt from a different brand here as it is thin to be skin tight. As the skirt is so tight thicker items kind of shows? I have tried it with a crop top as well and it fits better and doesn't show the line of the shirt ( if that makes sense!)

I am also wearing this outfit with a Collective hat I custom ordered from Kitty Deluxe and I love it!

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