Review by Kim Lewis 12 Feb 2020


Hell Bunny Mushu Mid Dress

Hell Bunny Daydream Mid Dress

I ordered a Mushu Mid dress in my usual XL and a Daydream Mid dress also in an XL.

The Mushu dress is probably more coral than I was expecting. Not bad just not what I had in mind 😅 I might need to get a different coloured belt to wear with it as I'm pretty sure the baby pink doesn't work. The fabric is lovely and has a slight stretch, the arms don't cut in. I have this cut in an 2XL and it's too big so I'm glad the XL fit.

The daydream dress is the same cut as the rainbow dress. In fact I have this cut in 5 prints now 😅 Fits exactly the same but I feel like the straps are ever so slightly longer than the ones on the Binky dress. I'm glad these bows don't undo either. The blue is a very literal sky blue rather than a baby blue. Big thumbs up, I'll be grabbing this one in the other cut when it comes in.

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