Review by Megan Hodsdon 4 August 2020

Hell Bunny Miss Muffet Skater Skirt with Orange

Hell Bunny Miss Muffet Skater Skirt, Orange, 4XL

Love the ‘slippery’ fabric. It’s got a bit of stretch to it. Love the pockets on the front (like the wonder years skirts) rather than in the side seams. I find them more practical. The orange detail is identical colour to orange of the the Hell Bunny Paloma cardigan in orange. (There’s a bit of a mismatch between the Skirt and the Mak ‘fiesta’ cardigan which I don’t mind but it might bother some people.) I think it could be a little bit shorter and I may take the hem up a bit. (I’m 5’5”) Absolutely love it though - it’s going to get a lot of wear!

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