Review by Lisa Huddleston 1 March 2019


Hell Bunny Messina Shirt &
Hell Bunny Yaz Shorts

Today i am reviewing both the Hell Bunny Messina Shirt & the Hell Bunny Yaz Shorts in Black Denim..... In the Shirt i am wearing a size 4xl which i buy due to the none stretched material in either the blouses or the shirt if it's stretchy i usually go for a 3xl 😁 This shirt was very comfortable to wear i was actually surprised that i wore it a whole day very unusual for me lol the material is so very soft & it fits me in all the right places & not to baggy & the sleeves are perfect not to tight either which is great as i have big arms i also loved it how it covered my butt 😂 In the Yaz shorts i am wearing my usual skirt size in a 3xl i was very nervous about these as i wasn't to sure how they would fit & look on me as i have very ugly legs but they fit me so amazingly well & the material has some really great stretch in them will definitely need to buy a blue pair...... 😊

P.s Do yourself a favour & get these amazing items

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