Review by Yvonne Kirk 31 Jan 2018

I have bought a few of these now, as they are great with everything. Skirts, jeans, work pants, everything. I needed a red one for this skirt. 

This in an XL which is my normal HB size. The bust is elasticised so it fits my smaller bust but would easily accommodate a more generously proportioned lady. I do love the little peep hole. There is a spare button for your peep hole if you need it. 

The bodice is fitter without being tight. As its made of cotton and a little elastine, there is a little bit of stretch in the fabric. There is a back zip from neck to hem and you can just unzip this top right off. So easy. 

I did find this smaller size is slightly tight in the arms but I am hoping it relaxes after a few wears. The shirt goes to the top of my hips, not crop but not long enough to go over my rear. 

FYI, I wear my 2xls still and they are just a tad looser in the bodice. I sized down as the bust area is slightly too roomy for work now.

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