Review by Stephanie Cuthbert 23 Oct 2017

- Hell Bunny Ladybird Mini - 

Strap yourselves in for fit advice guys and gals. 

This is the Hell Bunny Lady Bird Mini dress, and isn't it adorable? It's got everything you would expect from Hell Bunny- sturdy zipper, ample boob room, comfy cut and good quality fabric. 

It also has great details like the ribbon, low-v back, and lady bird embroidery.

So why the fit advice? Well, it's a mini. And loads of people don't like mini's. 
I'm 5'2", so this "mini" isn't really a mini on me. However, I have noticed that as I walk around and do stuff, the back is riding up a little due to my belt, and showing quite a bit of my thighs. My advice is that if you're not keen on showing your pins, stick to the 50's cut. I, however, will be wearing this baby a lot this summer.

Dress is 
@hellbunnyofficial purchased from @kittydelux (so is the belt)

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