Review by Briony Bermingham 2 May 2018

* Hell Bunny Jolie Papillion Dress *

So this dress was a big surprise I was hesitant about buying this it’s not a style I generally wear and the material has no stretch and there are buttons and if you are someone that has a bigger bust they are the bane of your existence, but l was pleasantly surprised I tried it on and it instantly slims you down.

The neckline is modest and the strategic pleating at the waistline hides my tummy wh
ich is a big win.

I have larger arms and the capped sleeves are split so the arms are really comfortable.

The button detail is fake so there is no gapping <Hooray!> and it sits beautifully just below the knee I’m wearing my usual 2xl and it’s a comfortable fit.

It has a black under dress that’s attached at the sides with adjustable straps. Unfortunately the dress doesn’t have pockets but all in all a beautiful dress!!!

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