Review by Kim Moyse 15 August 2019

Hell Bunny Islay Pinafore in Pink and Black

Hell Bunny Islay Pinafore in Black and White

Hell bunny Wonder Years Pinafore in Black

Hell Bunny Trixie Blouse

Hell Bunny Thumper Blouse

Hell Bunny Humbug Blouse

Kreepsville Spider Belt

I'm wearing my black Wonder Years pinny in 2X with the Humbug shirt. The fabric is like a light weight cotton, without a collar and the bow can't be detached unlike the Trixie shirt. The top is an XL (I have a 42" bust) I get all my button ups sewn shut because of gape, this one is no different. 

Next is the Trixie blouse also in an XL and the black and white Islay pinny in an XL. The pinny does up at the back with a button and zipper, I'd say it fits like al
l hell Bunny circle skirts, but has 0 stretch so it's definitely snug on me. The pinny has and open top, unlike the wonder years one, so it easily fits my boobs and has 3 buttons to adjust length.

I also got the pink tartan Islay pinny in XL and I have it with my Hell Bunny Thumper blouse. The fit is the same as the black and white but with 1 less set of buttons on the strap. I feel so cute in the pink.

All pinnys are the same length, the Islay ones might be a tiny bit shorter. I've wore them all paired with my Kreepsville spider belt in 2X/3X that I got from Kitty Deluxe too.

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