Review by Danielle Lucas 30 May 2019

Hell Bunny Isadora Coat in Black

Today I’m wearing the amazing Isadora Coat by Hell Bunny and it is amazing.

The English really know how to make coats that are deceptively warm.

This is my usual 4X and whilst ladies have said they could have sized down in other coats, this one is very structured around the ribs and waist and has no give. So if you’re at the firmer end of a 4X like I am (I have a medium frame and lots of belly) then you may not be able to wear much bulk underneath. That said though it is so warm I’m only wearing a thin dress under it and I’m toasty. (I’ve added the dress pic so you can see).

The arms are generous and not at all tight, and it looks and feels really glamorous on. I’ve been told today I look like something out of Disney or Game of Thrones - I’m happy with both comparisons!

I’m off to Melbourne in a week for a few days so looking forward to testing it out in even colder climate.

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