Review by Tiffany Toth 6 October 2021


Hell Bunny Hello Goodbye Dress

This is super light weight.
I purposely upsized this dress to a 5xl so it is a bit big and loose but that's what I was looking for come summer.
I'm working in a stuffy office and didn't want anything clingy or tight let alone when our 45⁰ days come around.
This is really breathable and comfy.
Longer that what I usually go for but I'm ok with this length. Didn't really notice it until I looked down.
Cut is really nice. Would be easy to cinch in with a belt.
Downside is no pockets. Like seriously who hasn't learnt by now that chicks like pockets.
The other downside is that even with the length it's so light weight this dress could easily end up around your waist with a stiff breeze. I'm 5'7" for reference
I'm considering adding weights to the bottom of the dress just because I'm not exactly dainty and can imagine this going wrong quickly.
Other than that it's a lovely dress and super comfy.
No stretch.
Slight split up the front but not high enough to go flashing anyone.
Would recommend for a nice summer dress

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