Review by Michelle Dircks 14 Oct 2019

Hell Bunny Hauntley 50's Dress

Hi Kittens. Just wanted to review the amazing Hauntley 50's dress by Hell Bunny.

I wasn’t so sold on this when it was first released. Not sure why? Maybe because it was just black and white? Well I thought so anyway. There’s actually beautiful splashes of green on the roses that don’t photograph well AT ALL but it really makes this dress. It’s actually a new fave.

I’m wearing my usual 2XL and it fits like a dream. It’s knee length on me and it’s a strappy dress- I’m wearing it with a shrug here because it’s still a bit chilly in Sydney.
It has pockets! I’m glad most HB releases do. This has a slight amount of give to the fabric, much like the other HB 50s dresses.

The straps have these bows on them that I actually hate- I find them oddly placed and would like them better if they were on the front of the strap. For me- that’s the only slightly negative thing, which is pretty petty actually. 

This dress is lovely. It’s dark and spooky, bold, and light and airy all in one.
Thanks for your recommendation and excellent service as usual Kitty Deluxe 😊

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