Review by Jasmine George 23 June 2019


Hell Bunny Hauntely 50's Dress

Please ignore my hair and overall cleaning chic look I have going on today.

So, the 3x dress is a tad big in the waist. There is also room in the bust which is good so when I move I don't hear stitches popping. I can actually get it on without unzipping and I love that because no one is ever home to zip me and that sucks. It is too big in the waist but a belt and pettie fix that tho it doesn't appear to "poof" out as much as my others do it maybe it's just me. 

My measurements are roughly 47/35/47 and fluctuate between weight gain and weigh loss but not my much I can do up a 33' corset as I go back and fourth to training, too. My issue is my shoulders I am broad and the only thing I don't like is the thinner straps and I'm sure many plus gals may agree with me here but they don't dig in since I upsized but I'll probably wear a bolero with it.

A 2x would have perhaps fit but I feel far more comfortable in the 3x. I really don't know my true size some make and material always impacts on that some of my Killstar and Black Milk dresses are medium but stretch alot.

Some ppl laugh when I tell them my dresses are 2 or 3xl so I added proof. 😂

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