Hell Bunny Elly-May Denim Dungaree / Overall by Melissa Shelford

Em Kitty Katz

Review by Melissa Shelford 4 May 2018

Review by you: Hell Bunny Elly-May Dungaree 4XL

After months of patiently waiting (I can only imagine your pain at getting them to us, Kitty Deluxe) finally they are here!

I have never owned jeans or dungarees because I have an odd shaped body and they never fit right but these like the jeans are amazing.

I feel very comfortable in them, moving around fine. I have had to roll them up as I am quite short but I think that just makes them look cooler.

I was debating between the 3XL and 4XL but because of my bust sized up and I am glad I did as they are a perfect fit.

Finally I own dungarees that are comfortable and fit my frame. they have pockets!!! Lots of deep ones and the buttons on the front strap are adjustable.

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