Review by Caroline Winefield 25 March 2021


Hell Bunny Clash Mini Skirt 

I am so off my selfie game. Excuse my teens messy room.

This is the Hell Bunny Clash mini skirt in Size L

I haven't bought any clothes for the longest time but I find I am now a standard 14. There is some room in the waist so for a firmer fit I could have gone and M but I like the option of wearing this higher or lower.
This skirt is a great length. Not too mini for an OG like me.
Fabric is super stretchy and would fit bigger thighs and booty nicely. Waistband is NOT stretchy.
Im 5'4" with short legs and it feels like it is my perfect length. Covers my booty but makes me feel cute.
The chains give it that bit of edginess it need to not feel like a school girl (at 40) 

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