Review by Yvonne Kirk 27 May 2019


Hell Bunny Chiquita Dress

OMG this Chiquita dress! I got mine delivered on sat (Yeah I was shocked too) and only now had an excuse to get dressed in something other than grey.

This dress is a 2xl, my normal size. You just pull it over you head and walk out the door. The fabric is perfect for travelling as it seems to not crease. Wash and wear goodness.
There is a gather at the sleeves and the holes are good for large arms. NO pinching. There are faux buttons down from the collar detail so ladies of larger girls can rest easy. 
The dress fell to just below my knees. ( I am 174cm tall). 
I would have worn this to work, its modest, the v neck is not at all plunging. 
Hell bunny needs to make more of this cute and stretchy fabrics. It’s an amazing dress!!

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