Review by Danielle Lucas 23 August 2018

* Hell Bunny Black Widow Top *

Today I’m wearing the gorgeous Hell Bunny Black Widow knit that I purchased from Kitty Deluxe. 

With most HB I’m a 4X but I find in their knitwear and T-shirts I can comfortably be a 3X and this is no exception. There is a good amount of stretch, but enough strength still that it won’t lose its shape over time.

It’s warm enough for this cooler weather but feels like it will breathe enough to wear even as it starts to warm up, so will be interesting to see how long I can wear it for. I’ll keep you posted!

The material was a little scratchy at first try, but after a gentle cold machine wash that feeling is gone and it held its shape.

I also bought the Vamp one as well and look forward to wearing that one soon.

If there are any left I highly recommend it!

(ED Comment: The scratchiness can be attributed to the wool in the knit. On the plus side a wool blend means extra long lasting and warm)

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