Review by Sharon Stone 25 Aug 2019


Hell Bunny Black Widow Jumper * NEW *

Hell Bunny Hauntley 50's Skirt

Hell Bunny Black Widow Jumper. Size 2XL. This is so soft and comfy. I am in love and can see this being worn heaps. Everything about it is comfy. Love the length. Love the arms - not tight at all. And did I mention soft!! 💜💜 

Hauntley 50s Skirt. Also a 2XL. Not totally sold on this one. I adore the design but there’s something about my body and skirts that makes me feel a little uncomfortable. It isn’t tight and I can sit down without any issues, so I’m not sure why but I don’t love it. The skirt itself is amazing though - 50s length. Gorgeous pleats at the top. And a nice lightweight fabric.

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