Review by Tiffany Toth 11 November 2022


Collectif Skeleton Boo-Gie T-Shirt in Black

So I got the Collectif Boogie tshirt in a 22.
Who doesn't love dancing skeletons???
Matched it with the Ectogasm Creepin meow-t brooch.
The shirt appears to be a decent thickness. Slight stretch but not as much as some of the other tshirts.
No idea why they decided to place an extra sheet of plastic in the packaging rather than just printing the (lack of) recycling details on the bag itself but did have a little laugh at the instructions saying not to over wash. Sorry tshirt you've been in the tub too long time to get out.
Of course as always great service from Kitty Deluxe who bundled this up for me. Thank you and appreciate all you do.

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