Review by Sharon Smith 26 Nov 2017

 - Collectif Dolores Dress and Tops (via Pre-order) -

Received all my Collectif Dolores tops & dress in the recent pre-order & thanking Kitty Deluxe, they are all perfect. Too lazy to style each one, the petti is a Banned one. Dress & all Dolores tops are a UK14/L for reference. They all more or less fit the same - the print ones slightly looser on torso but still nice and smooth on my back (no obvious back rolls/bra straps showing).

Bust is actually a tiny bit loose (I’m a 14DD) so generous for girls with bigger ‘girls’ as it fits 40/42 bust and I’m about 39.5.

Side zip means you need to pop over your head and maybe do your hair afterwards.

Length is about to your hipbones so you could wear & keep a nice smooth line under jeans or pants as well as with skirts.

The arm elastic can dig in (I’ve already got about 12 dresses & 8 tops in same cut) but they do loosen through the day and wearing a cardi over the top doesn’t look strange like some brand’s powderpuff sleeves.

Cold wash in a lingerie bag and quick iron and they stay like new!

(Ed:   Kitty Deluxe regularly run pre-orders in most brands that we stock.   If there is something in particular you are looking for feel free to drop us an email or even better join our VIP Facebook group " The Kitty Boudoir" where we run all our custom orders. )

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