Review by Yvonne Kirk 4 Nov 2017

 - Chicstar Rosie Dress -

Chic Star Rosie dress. Size 46/18.
I um'ed and ah'ed about this dress when it was announced. I showed the photos on Linda's website to my colleagues and even went over the deets, we decided to leave it. I kept it in the back of my mind. 
Then, a review by the beautiful Ashleigh Callen appeared. I had to have this dress. I was holding back due to the damned big bow at the front of the dress. 

The dress arrived. I sized up to my 46/18 as I feel most comfortable when I have some movement. This dress fits perfectly. I love the button detail, and this feature makes it perfect for both work and party season.

The material is light with a slight sheen. The pockets are HUGE and stick out a bit. The bow. Hmm, Well, I moved it to the back which is where I would wear it to a party or just a regular belt for work.

Its a proper knee length for my height. (174cm) The arm holes are the right size, the elastic doesn't grab me at all and no gaping to show skin either. Great room in the bust for ladies bigger than me and yet the chest sit nicely on my less generous sizing. (I do have broad shoulders this helps)

If you are on the fence about buying this dress, as I was, take the plunge. This Chic Star (generally I am not a huge fan of this brand) is worthy of being in your wardrobe. Well made, and easily dressed up or down. Perfect.

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